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Movable AC Spot Welder DNJ-10KVA/16KVA/25KVA

Detailed Product Description

With small volume and light weight,the welder can be moved freely.major citcuit uses controlled.high speed,spark free thyristor as switch

It has seven steps of welding currents and takes 0-3 seconds to adjust them. It also has conneected two cables in venting water(2m).a hand -holding spot welding torch, and a spot welding clamp.

It is mainly designed for needs of sheet metal and wire fabrication.

Specifications DNJ10 DNJ16 DNJ25
Rated capacity 10KVA 16KVA 25KVA
Rated input voltage single380V single380V singIe380V
Rated input Current 26.3A 42,1A 66A
Number of grade 7 7 7
Output cable length 2m 2m 2m
Applicable thickness 0.61.5mm 0.6-2rnrn 13mm
Cooling mode Transformer wind cooling Output cable water cooling


Company product include: Air Plasma Cutter,Inverter ARC Welder,Inverter TIG welder , MIG Welder,Stop welder ,Industrial Welding Machine

Welding accessories,Electrode,nozzle,welding torch,welding helmet,Tungsten electrode, Electrode Oven

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